Should I have a pre purchase inspection done?

Purchasing a vehicle online or sight unseen can be a daunting and intimidating experience. Often, the photos shown online may not accurately represent the true condition of the vehicle, as they often showcase a previously polished and camera-ready version. To eliminate uncertainty and make well-informed decisions, consider the value of having a certified inspector perform a meticulous 150-point bumper-to-bumper inspection on your potential purchase.

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspections

A certified inspector’s assessment encompasses every aspect of the vehicle, providing you with a clear picture of its condition. This 150-point inspection includes a detailed evaluation of the interior and exterior, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed.

The Inspection Process

When you choose to have your prospective vehicle inspected, a certified inspector will visit the vehicle’s location to perform a thorough examination. This assessment includes a ten-mile test drive, scrutiny for leaks, dents, scratches, rust, blemishes, tears, paint chips, missing parts, tire wear, and fluid levels. Furthermore, if a hoist is accessible, the inspector will also assess the undercarriage, capturing detailed images of the mileage, VIN number, and any discrepancies. This meticulous process provides invaluable insights into the vehicle’s true condition and history.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Pricing

Here is the rough estimate of the pre-purchase inspection price.

Vehicles younger than 21 years old $195.00
Vehicles older than 21 years, classic or vintage vehicles $295.00
Vehicles in remote locations $295.00

Invest the small extra amount for peace of mind. That way, you know what you will be receiving and you also have recourse in any claims after the fact

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