Shipping a Car to South Carolina from Canada

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Our car shipping company is known industry-wide as one that can get the job done right—car shipping, that is. As your premiere source for shipment of cars to all states from every province, we are happy to pick up your car from anywhere in Canada and ship it to anywhere in the USA. See if you like our prices (we can’t imagine you won’t!) by clicking on the green right-hand “Get Pricing” button.

Auto Shipping from the United States to Canada

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When it comes to our customers, we cater to many types. Are you:

  • Someone who went on a one-way road trip from the USA to Canada, who needs to have their car shipped back?
  • Someone who needs their car shipped to the USA who bought or repaired a car in Canada?

If so, we are the clear choice.When you decide to ship your vehicle or even boat to South Carolina from Canada through us, you get access to a trusted network of auto transport drivers who, along their regular routes through cities like Columbia, Charleston, and Greenville or along major highways, provide hassle-free vehicle shipping at a low cost.Whichever car shipment method you decide to go with—open transport truck or enclosed transport truck method—rest easy knowing we handle all the details. We can also save you some cash by suggesting the open transport truck, with a lower price tag that’s divided by nine other vehicles.

Trust us to seamlessly ship not only your autos, but also your trucks, buses, RVs, motorcycles and boats to South Carolina from Canada.

Investing in a real car shipping company with staff and an office is a wise choice. You won’t be disappointed with our car shipping services, unlike lead generation companies that are only in business to sell your contact info to other auto shippers without you knowing. It’s easy for us to offer low, low prices because we’re an established car shipping company with a solid track record of commitment.