Shipping a Car to Idaho from Canada

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Auto shipping doesn’t get any easier than with us! As a reputable car shipping company well known in the industry, we can seamlessly ship cars to any US state from any province in Canada. Through a convenient door-to-door auto shipping process, our drivers will pick up your car in Canada and ship it anywhere in the USA. Find out just how low our rates are when you click on the green “Get Pricing” button.

Auto Shipping from the United States to Canada

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We offer services for many kinds of clients, such as:

  • Anyone from the US who has embarked on a one-way road trip to Canada but who needs a way to get their car home
  • Anyone who just who bought or repaired a car in Canada with a need to ship that car to the USA.

So many people ship cars all throughout the year for many different reasons, whether they’re moving or taking a one-way trip. Whatever your situation, shipping a car to Idaho from Canada is simple thanks to our auto transport drivers who utilize major highways and hit Boise all the time as part of their regular routes. This breaks down to a huge savings for you.

As you’ll see below, during pickup your car will be loaded onto one of the following types of trucks: open or enclosed, depending on the type of car you have as well as your budget. Generally, you’ll find that the open transport truck method saves you the most in cash. Why? You’re sharing space with up to nine other cars, so the cost is divided among several customers.What if you have a truck, bus, RV, motorcycle or boat to ship to Idaho from Canada instead? We can handle that too!

We’re proud of the fact that we refuse to sell or buy leads like those less-than-reputable lead generation companies do. We stand behind our reputation in the auto shipping industry, delivering on promises of excellent customer service, smooth logistics and low rates.