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Shipping a Car to/from Maryland and Canada

Are you looking for reliable and affordable options to get your vehicle from Canada to Maryland in the United States? US Canada Auto Transport has been covering the two destinations for decades. Over the years, we have built a reputation as one of the best auto transport companies covering the U.S and Canada.

We offer a door-to-door service, giving our clients the option to have their vehicles collected from any part of Canada for delivery to any place in Maryland. Get a quote today by clicking on the Get Pricing button!

Popular destinations in Maryland

US Canada Auto Transport offers delivery to any part of Maryland. The following are some of the most popular destinations that we have covered in recent years:

  • Baltimore
  • Annapolis
  • Ocean City
  • Hagerstown
  • Aberdeen
  • Cumberland
  • Rockville

Reasons for shipping a car to/from Maryland

Those are but a few of the popular destinations that are covered by US Canada Auto Transport. We have been delivering cars between Canada and the US for many years. During that time, we have discovered that there are many reasons why people tend to ship their vehicles to the US from Canada.

A lot of people do it as part of the process of migrating. Maybe you have gotten a new job in the US. You don’t actually need to buy a new car upon arrival. It may be better to simply bring along the one that you have been using in Canada all along.

We also deal with a lot of vehicle resellers. Some of them specialize in vintage cars. These people buy vehicles in Canada for resell in the US.  If you are one of them, you may be looking for options for having multiple vehicles shipped at once. That’s something that we offer.

Many people in the US have relatives in Canada. Subsequently, we also get business from people looking to ship vehicles that they will have inherited in Canada. Related to this are shipments that are made from Canada to the US as gifts. Maybe you have bought a car for someone in Maryland. We will deliver it on your behalf to its destination.

Car shipping costs to/from Maryland and Canada

When hunting around for an auto shipping company to get your vehicle to Maryland from Canada, the cost tends to be one of the biggest considerations. So, how much will it cost you to have your car delivered to its destination?

In this case, there are a lot of factors that come into play. One of these is the distance between the point of departure in Canada and the delivery point in Maryland. The size of your vehicle also has a bearing on delivery cost. Additionally, your chosen shipping option will determine the overall cost of having your car transported to Maryland from Canada.

Available shipping options

How will your vehicle be shipped from Canada to Maryland? It’s a question that a lot of people ask. US Canada Auto Transport offers regularly scheduled truck services between Canada and the US. Deliveries can be made on any one of two types of trucks.

Closed vs Open Transport Truck

closed car transport

You can choose to have your car transported in a closed truck. People shipping very expensive cars are usually the ones who go for this option.

open car transport

The second alternative is that your car will be shipped on an open truck. These trucks are capable of carrying up to 10 cars, making this option way cheaper than the first one.

Types of vehicles that we ship

US Canada Auto Transport has been in business for a long time, during which time the company has gathered a wealth of experience in the transportation of various types of vehicles. We offer shipments for SUVs, sedans, motorcycles, trucks, buses, and other types of vehicles. Click on the Get Pricing button today to get a quote on shipping your car to Maryland from Canada.

We are a genuine auto shipping service

When shipping your car to the US State of Maryland from Canada, you don’t want to be dealing with middlemen. That can become problematic should something go wrong along the way. Unfortunately, we have noticed that there are a lot of these middlemen floating around out there.

That’s not the case with us. US Canada Auto Transport is a genuine car shipping company. We have offices and a full staff. Our personnel stands ready to make sure that all deliveries are made on time and with a minimum of fuss. Get a quote from us today to benefit from our wealth of experience.

Common Purposes of Shipping a Vehicle to USA

  • Into USA As A Gift
  • Into USA as a purchase
  • Into USA As A Snowbird Or On Vacation
  • Into USA As An Inheritance
  • Into USA Due To Immigration
  • Into USA On A Student Or Work Visa
  • Temporary Into The USA For Repair
  • Transit Through The USA For Re-export Overseas
  • US titled or registered vehicle returning to the USA

Common Purposes of Shipping a Vehicle to Canada

  • A Canadian Leased Vehicle Being Returned To Canada
  • Canadian Citizen Or Permanent Resident Returning With A Canadian Vehicle
  • Canadian Citizen Or Permanent Resident Returning With US Titled Vehicle
  • Canadian vehicle returning to Canada after being repaired or modified in the USA
  • Into Canada As A Gift
  • Into Canada As A New Immigrant
  • Into Canada As A Purchase
  • Into Canada As An Inheritance
  • Into Canada for repairs and modification
  • Into Canada For Vacation
  • Into Canada On A Work Or Student Visa
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