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If you’ve been wondering how to ship a vehicle to Saskatchewan, let our team guide you. Saskatchewan, a prairie province nestled between Alberta and Manitoba, is the only Canadian province without a natural border. We ship frequently to Saskatoon, which is both the capital and largest city in Saskatchewan.

We provide regular shipping services to Saskatoon on both open and enclosed trailers. Our shipping services are not only limited to Saskatoon. We also serve Regina, Moosejaw, Swift Current, Prince Alberta, Lloydminster, Estevan, and many smaller towns as well.

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Reasons Why People Ship Cars to/from Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan’s main industries are mining, oil, and agriculture. This is similar to the industries in Texas, and many large oil companies have facilities in both Saskatchewan and Texas. We frequently ship vehicles for employees relocating to Saskatchewan on work visas. We are a Canadian bonded carrier and are able to deliver vehicles “in-bond” to the sufferance warehouses in both Regina and Saskatoon.

Are you a snowbird that needs to ship your Canadian-registered vehicle back home from either Florida, Arizona, or Southern California? We provide a regular shipping service for snowbirds returning from their winter homes in the USA. Together with our partnered Canadian customs brokers, we can provide door-to-door service.

Did you purchase a vehicle in the USA and need to ship it home? We take care of all the US export formalities and can arrange Canadian customs clearance to ensure your new purchase is shipped home safely.

Do you need to ship construction or agricultural vehicles to Saskatchewan? We can provide flatbed and drop deck shipping services from anywhere in the continental USA to Saskatchewan.

Are the vehicles at a US port and do they need to transit through the USA for importation into Saskatchewan? We are a US bonded carrier and we can ship vehicles under T&E export bonds.

Are you resident in the USA now and have a Canadian leased vehicle that you need to return to a Saskatchewan dealership? We provide door-to-door shipping for your vehicle.

Saskatchewan has a number of professional sports teams. Have you been drafted to the Saskatchewan Roughriders or are you a Canadian professional athlete playing for a US team and are returning for the off-season? We provide door-to-door shipping solutions that will allow for either a temporary or permanent importation of your vehicle into Saskatchewan.

Cost to Ship a Car to/from Saskatchewan

We encourage you to call us or click the price quote button for an accurate price tag, but in general, there are a few factors that will dictate the price:

  • The size and type of the vehicle you’re shipping
  • How fast do you need it there
  • The truck transportation option you choose (open or closed)
  • Where the car will be delivered

Types of Trucks When Shipping Cars to/from Saskatchewan

You get two general options when considering how to get your car to Saskatchewan: open and enclosed transport truck. We will gladly accommodate either option for you.

Open vs Closed Transport Truck

open car transport

Open transport truck: While this is the less expensive option, your vehicle will share the truck with up to nine other vehicles but won’t get the same protection as the enclosed option below.

enclosed car trucking transport

Enclosed transport truck: If you have a classic car and you want it to remain protected from the weather and road conditions, choose this option. It will cost you the most though.

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We are proud of our 20+ years of expertise in the transport industry. As such, we know how to deal with any complications that may arise with confidence. Secure your free quote when you click the red “Get Pricing” button. Did you know we also ship trucks, buses, RVs, motorcycles, and boats in addition to cars?

Common Purposes of Shipping a Vehicle to Canada

  • A Canadian Leased Vehicle Being Returned To Canada
  • Canadian Citizen Or Permanent Resident Returning With A Canadian Vehicle
  • Canadian Citizen Or Permanent Resident Returning With US Titled Vehicle
  • Canadian vehicle returning to Canada after being repaired or modified in the USA
  • Into Canada As A Gift
  • Into Canada As A New Immigrant
  • Into Canada As A Purchase
  • Into Canada As An Inheritance
  • Into Canada for repairs and modification
  • Into Canada For Vacation
  • Into Canada On A Work Or Student Visa

Common Purposes of Shipping a Vehicle to USA

  • Into USA As A Gift
  • Into USA as a purchase
  • Into USA As A Snowbird Or On Vacation
  • Into USA As An Inheritance
  • Into USA Due To Immigration
  • Into USA On A Student Or Work Visa
  • Temporary Into The USA For Repair
  • Transit Through The USA For Re-export Overseas
  • US titled or registered vehicle returning to the USA
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