Auto Transport Services "from" USA "to" Canada

Auto Shipping from the United States to Canada

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This webpage is specifically made for people who need to transport an auto from US to Canada. We can pick up your auto in any state and transport it to any Canadian province or territory. We transport autos, trucks, buses, RVs, motorcycles, and boats. Our professional staff has streamlined all the processes in order to help you transport an auto from US to Canada more efficiently. They are ready to assist in all vehicle transport matters. In addition to a worry-free experience, we offer specialized customs information and services on both sides of the US/Canada border.
We specialize in the following types of auto transport scenarios:
- Buying an auto in the US and shipping it to Canada
- Relocating on study or work visas
- Immigration moves into Canada
- Sending an auto as a Gift to a friend and/or relative
- Temporary shipments of vehicles from US into Canada for repairs or promotions
- Government transfers
What We Offer
We here at US CANADA Auto Transport understand how stressful a car move can be. Trust us to make your next US to Canada auto transport a safe and efficient one. Call (800) 466-6935 today to obtain further information and a free auto transportation quote.