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For affordable, fast, and easy car shipping quotes to Washington from Canada, you have come to the right place. We ship here all the time, particularly to Seattle and Tacoma. Washington happens to be the largest state in the Pacific Northwest, known for the Space Needle, Puget Sound, and ferries.

It shares a border with British Columbia in Canada, as well as Oregon and Idaho in the USA. When you are ready to book quick, easy door-to-door auto shipping to this beautiful state, get your free quote when you click on the red “Get Pricing” button.

Why Do People Ship Cars to/from Washington and Canada?

The primary reason is work relocation but there are many other reasons as well. For one,

the Blaine/Pacific Highway border crossing is the busiest on the West Coast, making it a popular destination for anyone on vacation or coming here for college.

Seattle is the largest city in the state and we serve this city with both open and enclosed car carriers on a regular basis. However, our service is not limited to the Seattle area only; we also serve Tacoma, Everett, Bellingham, Blaine, Vancouver, Spokane, and the Tri-City region.

Seattle has many multinational corporations that hire employees from around the world. Many Canadians live here and work for these companies, and we ship their vehicles from Canada to their new homes in Seattle. Typically, these employees are working on TN, H1B, and L1A visas. We arrange for the customs clearance of their vehicles to allow for either temporary or permanent registration. We provide assistance to these clients to ensure compliance with US DOT and EPA requirements.

Washington is also home to many impressive state and private colleges — University of Washington, Whitman College, Gonzaga University, and Washington State to name a few. There are Canadian students enrolled at these colleges and they need their vehicles. We provide shipping services for their vehicles door to door from their Canadian residences to their college dorms.

The State of Washington has many professional sports teams such as the Seahawks, Mariners, and Sounders. Professional Canadian sports players are drafted by these teams and travel to the state to play under O or P visas. We provide door-to-door transportation services and temporary and permanent customs clearance solutions for these athletes’ vehicles. Basically, they hand over the vehicle and we do the rest.

Many foreign nationals reside in the Seattle area on investment visas (E1 visas). They often need to import vehicles from Canada. We can arrange for the shipping and permanent importation of these vehicles.

Tacoma is a major port on the West Coast and many large international shipping lines services this port from Europe and the Far East. We ship vehicles between the port in Tacoma, WA to Vancouver Canada under T&E bonds. Many Canadians based in British Columbia utilize the port of Tacoma and the cost savings it provides to transship their international vehicles to Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Blaine/Pacific Highway border crossing point between Washington and British Columbia is the busiest border crossing point on the West Coast. We have trucks crossing this border almost on a daily basis. We are extremely familiar with the formalities required to cross this border. We take care of all the export and import requirements for vehicles entering or leaving the USA through this popular border crossing.

Cost to Ship a Car to/from Washington

To get the most accurate price quote on shipping a car to Washington from Canada, you’re best off just calling us or filling out our online form. But if you want generalities, heed the following when considering how much you will pay:

  • Desired timeline to get your car from one place to another
  • The size and type of the vehicle you’re shipping (motorcycles cost less than boats, for instance)
  • The type of truck transportation you choose (either open or closed
  • Location of the drop-off site

Types of Trucks When Shipping Cars to/from Washington and Canada

To get your car from Canada to Washington, we can achieve this in one of two ways. The one you choose will depend on the type of car, your budget, and how quickly you need the vehicle:

Open vs Closed Transport Truck

open truck transport

Open transport truck: This option costs less because your car is placed on the truck with up to nine other vehicles. It costs less because your car isn’t as protected from the elements as the enclosed option. If you need to save money, go with this option.

closed transport-truck

Enclosed transport truck: if you have an expensive or classic car, go with this option. Your car is protected from all the elements during the entire trip. You will pay more, but isn’t it worth it for peace of mind?

Get a FREE Quote Now to Ship a Car to/from Washington and Canada

When considering how to ship your car from Canada to Washington, go with the easy choice and call us or click the red “Get Pricing” button. Did you know that in addition to cars, we also ship trucks, buses, RVs, motorcycles, and boats?

If your car is returning to Canada, you’ll need to fit one of the following criteria:

  • A Canadian Leased Vehicle Being Returned To Canada
  • Canadian Citizen Or Permanent Resident Returning With A Canadian Vehicle
  • Canadian Citizen Or Permanent Resident Returning With US Titled Vehicle
  • Canadian vehicle returning to Canada after being repaired or modified in the USA
  • Into Canada As A Gift
  • Into Canada As A New Immigrant
  • Into Canada As A Purchase
  • Into Canada As An Inheritance
  • Into Canada for repairs and modification
  • Into Canada For Vacation
  • Into Canada On A Work Or Student Visa

If you are sending a car from Canada to Washington, then you must fit one of these criteria:

  • Into USA As A Gift
  • Into USA as a purchase
  • Into USA As A Snowbird Or On Vacation
  • Into USA As An Inheritance
  • Into USA Due To Immigration
  • Into USA On A Student Or Work Visa
  • Temporary Into The USA For Repair
  • Transit Through The USA For Re-export Overseas
  • US titled or registered vehicle returning to the USA
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