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Do you wish to learn how to ship your car from Canada to the US State of Arkansas? US Canada Auto Transport has been shipping vehicles to the Natural State for over 2 decades. The thing that makes us unique is that we ship cars from all provinces in Canada. Not only that, but we offer door-to-door shipping to Arkansas. So, what are you waiting for? Click on the “Get Pricing” button to get the most reliable and affordable shipping service between the U.S and Canada.

Popular car shipping terminals in Arkansas

The following are some of the most popular destinations for shipping vehicles to Arkansas from Canada:

  • Little Rock
  • Harrison
  • Conway
  • Rogers
  • Bryant

How do we handle the shipment of vehicles to/from Arkansas?

US Canada Auto Transport is one of the best-known companies for getting your vehicle to Arkansas from Canada. We have a wealth of experience that ensures that your vehicle gets delivered to its destination quickly and safely. But how do we handle these shipments?

US Canada Auto Transport has drivers who make regularly scheduled trips to and from Canada. Our drivers hit many major cities, including Little Rock and any city along the I-40, I-30, and I-540. The regularly scheduled trips make our service one of the most affordable.

Reasons for shipping your vehicle to/from Arkansas

There are many reasons why people decide to ship their vehicles to Arkansas from Canada. The following are some of the reasons:

  • A lot of people drive their cars to Canada but they return by other means. Maybe on the return trip, you have decided to catch a plane. In that case, you will be looking for a reliable shipping company to return your vehicle back home to Arkansas.
  • Perhaps you have found the vintage gem that you have been looking for in Canada and you now need to have it shipped to Arkansas. In that case, US Canada Auto Transport should be your first port of calls.
  • We also deal with resellers who purchase vehicles in bulk from Canada. These people require our services to get the vehicles back to their showrooms in Arkansas.
  • Maybe you have found a job in the U.S or perhaps you are a student who is going to the US to study. In those cases, it’s way cheaper for you to bring your vehicle along with you rather than purchasing a new one.

Shipping options

There are two shipping options for people who engage in our services.

Open vs Closed Transport Truck

open car trucking

You can choose to have your vehicles shipped on an open trailer, alongside 9 others. This has the effect of reducing overall shipping costs.

enclosed car-truck transport

The other option is to have your car shipped in a closed trailer. We usually recommend this option for people shipping expensive vehicles that need to be protected from the elements.

How much does it cost to ship a car to/from Arkansas

Are you wondering about the cost of shipping your car from Canada to Arkansas? US Canada Auto Transport has streamlined the process, making us one of the most affordable in the business. It’s important to note, however, that costs will vary depending on your circumstances.

Are you a U.S citizen who is having his or her vehicle shipped back home to Arkansas from Canada? In that case, you won’t have to pay any duty when shipping your vehicle. Other circumstances that determine shipping costs include the size and type of your vehicle. SUVs tend to cost more to ship than sedans.

What types of vehicles do we handle?

US Canada Auto Transport handles all types of vehicles, including trucks, buses, RVs, motorcycles, and boats. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today for a quote on shipping your car to Arkansas from the U.S.

We are a genuine shipping company, unlike some other entities that are out there that are only into lead generation. We do not buy and sell leads. Our focus is on affordability, making us the go-to choice for those looking to ship their vehicles to the U.S.

Common Purposes of Shipping a Vehicle to USA

  • Into USA As A Gift
  • Into USA as a purchase
  • Into USA As A Snowbird Or On Vacation
  • Into USA As An Inheritance
  • Into USA Due To Immigration
  • Into USA On A Student Or Work Visa
  • Temporary Into The USA For Repair
  • Transit Through The USA For Re-export Overseas
  • US titled or registered vehicle returning to the USA

Common Purposes of Shipping a Vehicle to Canada

  • A Canadian Leased Vehicle Being Returned To Canada
  • Canadian Citizen Or Permanent Resident Returning With A Canadian Vehicle
  • Canadian Citizen Or Permanent Resident Returning With US Titled Vehicle
  • Canadian vehicle returning to Canada after being repaired or modified in the USA
  • Into Canada As A Gift
  • Into Canada As A New Immigrant
  • Into Canada As A Purchase
  • Into Canada As An Inheritance
  • Into Canada for repairs and modification
  • Into Canada For Vacation
  • Into Canada On A Work Or Student Visa

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