Best US Road Trips for Canadians

Long-distance journeys in your vehicle can be thrilling, and intercountry traveling may save you precious time if you take proper routes. The boundary line between America And Canada is the longest international border. Nearly five Canadian provinces, including Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, share their borders with the USA. Therefore, you need to know prior information to plan for the best US road trips. If you are traveling from Canada to the US, you should have a road map to guide you on the best route and places to visit for your travel. 

International Peace Park And Other National Parks

Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park can amuse you while traveling from the USA to Canada. The International Peace Park is full of aesthetics, and it is very picturesque. The Park is between the snowcapped rocks and elevated lake channels flowing from the glaciers. The Park is part of the Old Cedar-hemlock forest. 

The park’s alpine tundra and extensive bushes and shrubs are the natural habitat of more than 300 animal species. Warten Glaciers is the emblem of US-Canada cooperation in horticulture. The Park is the boundary line between two cities: Blain, USA, and Surrey, Canada. 

However, National parks in the USA are adventurous spots for visitors and travelers. The mesmerizing natural coastal environment looks like the wonder of the world. Yellow National Park is the perfect place to see wildlife. It’s a must-visit place for nature lovers. Sequoia Groves covers Yosemite National Park; its granite rocks are ideal for cliffhangers and mountain climbers.  

Cross Border Terminals

While traveling from the USA to Canada, you have six alternate routes. It’s up to your discretion and comfort level which route gives you the most pleasure. You can contact automobile shipping services to guide you to the perfect path for your travel. Usually, a good shipping service provides same-day drop-off service. Your US road trips should provide terminal-to-terminal options. Unlike National Amusement Parks, the Cross-Border Terminals provide easy ways out for road-tripping from the USA to Canada.  

You can drop off your Vehicles at these cross-border terminals to catch your flight to Canada. Car shipping companies are responsible for shipping your car back to Canada. After availing yourself of a car drop service, you can conveniently reach the US. Thorough research about process fees and car shipping services can ensure affordability and comfort. One-way car rental may ease your road-tripping. It merely depends on your preferences and better alternate routes.

Best Road tripping alternatives From US to Canada

Cross-border terminals facilitate travelers by simplifying their routes. Six Cross Border Terminals between the US and Canada will be discussed in this blog. Here are the best US road trips to consider:

  1. Bellingham, WA: Crossing the US/ Canadian border can take an average of 30 minutes if you take a route through the Bellingham, WA Terminal. You can cross this port by getting through a formal entry system. You can opt for these Pacific Highways, Point Roberts, Blain/ Douglas, and Point Roberts to cross Bellingham, WA Terminal
  1. Chanhassen, MN: The Chanhassen, MN Terminal facilitates car transportation. It is located at 1591 Park Rd, MN 55317. As it is located at the heart of an international border, it is a mark of efficient transportation service even within traffic congestions. 
  1. Great Falls, MT: This port is located at 1600 Airport Drive, Great Falls, MT 59404-5508. It is the nearest Terminal to the International Airport, which is almost three miles away. Usually, if you want to fly to Canada by air, you can opt for this cross-border terminal and drop off your car.
  1. Lakewood, WA: This Port is 9393 Lakeview Ave SW, Lakewood, WA 98499. It is positioned to foster the needs of the growing shipping business. This Terminal provides easy access to all major routes and is used frequently as it streamlines the cross-border routes.
  1. Lewiston, NY: This port is located in the Niagra Region and is the fourth busiest cross-border Terminal between the USA and Canada. Due to heavy traffic congestion, it may be the worst choice for travelers. This Terminal is open 24/7 throughout the calendar year and joins several NEXUS lanes. 
  1. Redford Charter Twp, MI: This port is located in Charter Township in Michigan, USA. It is located at 22520 W Warren Ave., like other ports, and it caters to the shipping needs of travelers, transporters, and visitors. 


The US-Canada International border is the longest boundary line in the world. If you are a frequent road tripper and want to travel from the US to Canada, this blog will guide you with the best routes. International Peace Park and several National Parks en route within US-Canada road-tripping. 

For the best US road trips, you have to cross ports while traveling. A brief description of these terminals and suitable service offers have been provided as guidelines. You can opt for the most accessible and most affordable way to cross the International border through these terminals. Hence, you must be aware of all road maps beforehand to avoid delays.  

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