Shipping a vehicle to Canada through Blaine

Shipping a vehicle to Canada through Blaine, WA/ Pac Highway, BC border crossing

We ship a number of vehicles through this border point every day. This is the largest crossing point for vehicle shipments between the US and Canada on the Pacific Coast. Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) operates a 24 hour port at Pac Highway, however, US Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) has restricted hours in Blaine, WA. USCBP only allow vehicle exports Monday – Friday between 8AM and 3:30PM.

USCBP requires that a copy of the title and bill of sale for the vehicle to be exported, be emailed to their office along with a customs worksheet a minimum of 72 hours prior to export. They currently use the following email address to receive export email requests USCBP in Blaine, WA does not count weekend hours towards the 72 hour minimum.

The title needs to be endorsed from the seller in the USA to the buyer in Canada. If the vehicle was purchased through a third party, say a dealership, then the endorsement needs to show the dealership’s activity as well.

If a lien exists on the vehicle to be exported then an original notarized letter of permission from the lien holder giving permission for the vehicle to export and a copy of the title needs to be emailed to USCBP Blaine, WA.

Upon arrival at the border during open hours, the original documents (title and bill of sale) need to be presented to USCBP for export. Once the vehicle has been stamped as exported on the title, the shipper can proceed to the Canadian side to complete the Canadian importing formalities with CBSA.

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