Purchasing a Classic Vehicle from Canada

There is a large disparity between the US dollar and Canadian dollar and the strong US dollar makes the purchase of a classic car from Canada very attractive. Once you have found the classic vehicle you want and have paid the Canadian seller, contact our company and we will arrange the rest.

Regulatory Agencies in the USA

Here are the two key regulatory agencies in the USA that oversee the importation of vehicles:

  1. NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration): NHTSA ensures that imported vehicles comply with US theft and safety standards. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of vehicles on American roads.
  2. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency): EPA enforces emissions standards for vehicles imported into the USA, making sure they meet environmental regulations.

Exemptions and Entry Requirements

  • Age-Based Exemptions: Vehicles over 25 years of age are exempt from NHTSA and EPA compliance requirements. This exemption often applies to classic cars.
  • Customs Brokerage: US Customs and Border Protection mandates that a Customs Broker files an entry for the vehicle when importing it into the USA. We can assist in arranging the brokerage and clearance of your vehicle.
  • Import Fees: If the vehicle was manufactured outside of the former NAFTA area, it may be subject to import duty, manufacturer’s processing fees, and a single entry bond, totaling around 4% of the vehicle’s value. However, if the vehicle was manufactured in Canada, the USA, or Mexico, import duty and manufacturer’s processing fees are not applicable.

Gray market and salvage vehicles are not admissible into the USA.

Document Requirements for Vehicle Importation

1. Form 7501 or Certified Copy
  • Upon crossing the border, you will receive either a stamped Form 7501 if the officer has stamped it, or you will receive a certified copy of the form by mail a week or so after the vehicle’s entry into the USA.
  • This document is crucial for titling and registering your vehicle in your state.
2. Canadian Registration and Bill of Sale
  • You will also need the Canadian registration and the Bill of Sale for the vehicle.
  • Original copies of these documents are not required for clearing into the USA. We recommend having the seller courier these documents to you or placing them in the glove box.
3. HS-7 Requirement in Certain States
  • Some states, such as Texas and Virginia, have not updated their title requirements for imported vehicles. They still require a customs stamped HS-7.
  • We provide an unstamped HS-7, as US Customs and Border Protection no longer stamps paper HS-7 forms due to electronic data submission requirements.
  • To ensure compliance with your state’s specific requirements, it’s advisable to check with your state’s DMV before purchasing a vehicle in Canada.

Our company has extensive experience in shipping vehicles across the border and is well-versed in the necessary formalities. You can trust us to assist you throughout the importation process.

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