Best Times to Buy a Car Online

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Do you know car buying is not as simple as it used to be? Back in time, we used to spend a good amount of time buying a car, from researching to actual buying. Today, people spend 20% more time buying a car because the dynamics have ultimately changed.

The dynamics, for example, visiting countless dealerships and having lengthy negotiations, are the same. But it has all shifted towards digitalization. Online shopping has made it convenient for people to buy their dream car. They just open the website, check out the features, fulfill the requirements, and hit the purchase button.

But do you think this random behavior will land you a dream car? Well, what we think is smart shoppers always check their timing when they are about to purchase a car. Not every time of the year is fortunate for car lovers.

The timing of your online purchase can have a huge part in determining the price you pay and the car you choose. So, stay with us as we take a deep dive into the timeframes or seasons to figure out the best times to buy a car online!

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Best Times to Buy a Car Online

The Seasonal Influence On Buying A Car Online

Everyone loves scrolling and enjoying the variety of cars displayed on the automotive online marketplaces. It not only provides convenience but also gives you an option to compare the various car options. However, all of these perks would have a cherry on top if you just consider the timing of your purchase.

To get the best bargain, plan the purchase strategically. Stay with us to know how each season or time of the year influences car dealerships and the prices of your vehicle.

The Spring Season (March-May)

The spring season in most parts of the US and Canada usually starts in March and ends in May. This period is said to be one of the best times to buy a car online because it marks a milestone in the car dealership industry. You might be wondering what milestone? 

Well, in spring, the dealership company will start receiving shipments of the old car models. These companies are eager to show and sell the old features and technology as they don’t want to stay behind the trend in the upcoming season. 

At the same time, this influx is not only to welcome the new inventory but also to create a frenzy among buyers to buy vehicles in large numbers. In this season or timeframe, you will notice dealerships offer clearance sales, deals, or discounts.

The Summer Season (June-August)

The dealerships have tried to clear out their inventory to make space for the shiny new arrivals, so now is the time to get your hands on the new inventory. 

People are more active in the US and Canada because the weather is warm and they feel up and running unlike the cold season that makes it hard for people to go out. With the weather warming up the car buying frenzy hits its peak season. 

In the summer season, people plan vacations and trips to enjoy the weather and this is one of the reasons why people tend to buy cars in summer. As people go out (online) in search for the right bargain of car they have multiple choices over the internet. 

On the other hand, every dealership would like to grab the customer and get them buy cars from their company. So in order to attract more buyers, dealerships keep the prices low or offer huge discounts.

Sometimes, you get huge discounts in other countries as you stay in the US, but there is a discount in Canada. In this case, you buy the car from the dealer’s online platform and ask an auto transport company like us to import your car from Canada to the US or the US to Canada. 

In most cases, the higher volume of buyers strengthens the dealers, and they keep fewer incentives and fewer discounts. 

The Fall Season (September-November)

In the fall season, the year progresses towards the winter, and the car buying shifts once again. This season brings room for potential opportunities to secure a good deal. On the other hand, it is a huge point for dealerships as they have to meet the sales quotas. 

They increase the deals and incentives as they want to become more aggressive in pushing older inventory and reaching their sales targets. This season, as a buyer, you can enjoy price reductions, financing options, and attractive bonus offers. 

The Winter Season (December-February)

Winter season is a decline of every business in colder areas. In the holiday season, people enjoy the cold weather in their homes, and car buying generally experiences a downfall. The dealership gets very few customers to deal with, so they are more open to negotiation. 

In fact, this season, you have a chance to get exceptional deals on leftover models from the past year, so why not take the shot? 

Final Thoughts

Online car buying is the most convenient option because you get to buy from the comfort of your home. You browse countless options, compare prices, and find your favorite car in your budget. But the cherry on top is the time you buy the car. Seasons have a huge influence on the prices and trends of car dealerships. 

On the other hand, if your car resides across the US-Canada border, just go for it as we can handle the transportation without giving you the hectic. If you want to know how we do it, get a car shipping quote from US Canada Auto Transport!

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