Receiving A Vehicle Or A Motorcycle As A Gift Or Inheritance From Family In Canada

Canadian Vehicle Gift Or Inheritance From Family In Canada


Giving a Canadian vehicle gift of inheritance speaks loudly about your generosity. Whatever the reason, giving a vehicle is a grand gesture and an act of kind generosity. However, in some states, particularly in Canada, there are certain rules and regulations regarding transferring the vehicle legally, and it is important to know what steps to take appropriately to transfer ownership. 

It is the responsibility and duty of the person who is giving the gift to transfer all necessary documents and essential information. In this article, we will try to understand what legal steps are involved in gifting or receiving a vehicle in Canada from family members, including exemption of retail sales taxes and other hassles. 

Eligibility To Receive A Vehicle As A Gift Or Inheritance Transfer In Canada

You can gift or transfer the vehicle or motorcycle to certain family members. These members include a spouse, parents, grandparents, siblings, children, and grandchildren. You can also give the vehicle to your in-laws. These all fall under the Settlement of Family Law Act and may be exempt from the retail sales tax. 

If you want to give a vehicle to a non-family member, the process is similar. Still, the receiver will need to pay retail sales tax on the Canadian Red Book value of the vehicle—just as if you were selling the car privately. 

The Financial Advantage Of Gifting Vehicles In Canada

The most obvious advantage of giving a gift to someone is that they do not need to pay even the taxes in some cases. This is also a great way to help your family members. If someone can’t afford a vehicle, you can help out by showing generosity.  

When you give your family members a vehicle or anyone who inherits it from the family, under Canadian tax rules and regulations regarding inheritance property, the person does not need to pay taxes or any other charges on the value of the vehicle. 

Important Documents & Legal Requirements

Before gifting a vehicle, you must understand the necessary documentation, legal requirements, and important steps to gather presents according to state law. In Canada, it is absolutely legal to give away or sell the vehicle; the owner has all legal rights. 

To transfer an inheritance of property or a gift, you must present specific documents. The primary document that is required and needed to sign is a sworn statement for a family gift of a used motor vehicle in Canada. 

In addition, you must have proof of state vehicle insurance, such as a driving license and vehicle ownership permit.

If you’re giving a gift to your own vehicle that is registered with your specific number for transfer, you need to sign a complete plate transfer declaration. But you can only transfer this to your spouse, parents, and children. 

Relieve From Gift Tax 

However, the receiving member won’t have to pay the retail sales tax on the vehicle or motorcycle as a gift in Canada. They are lucky enough that Canada does not have a particular rule or tax on gifts; there is no gift tax in Canada, and there is no gift tax in other Canadian states.

Overall, gifting a motorcycle can be a wonderful way to show your love and appreciation for a family member or loved one. Now, you can make an informed decision as you and the recipient of the gifted vehicle enjoy the maximum benefits.

Assuring Vehicle Value 

A gift or any other property that you received as an inheritance is approximately similar to figuring the critical implications for the US. If you’re exempt from taxes and other charges, even if you don’t have to pay a single penny for the vehicle, but that vehicle still has a value, you will need to receive the book value of the vehicle by visiting the relevant department. 


Giving a Canadian vehicle gift serves as a thoughtful act of generosity. Nonetheless, having the prior information and knowledge of all legal aspects and necessary requirements of legal documentation involved saves you from taxes and hidden charges that you may apply when owning the vehicle. 

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