personal effects in a car that's being shipped to the U.S

Can I pack personal effects into a car that’s being shipped from Canada to the U.S?

Need to ship a vehicle from Canada to the United States? Perhaps, you are relocating to the United States and need to move all your property. Or, maybe, you have purchased a car in Canada and wish to export it to the United States. It is also possible that someone in Canada has gifted you a car and you have hired the services of a shipping company, such as the US Canada Auto Transport, to have it transported to the US. Whatever the reason, fact is, there are a number of things that you need to take into considering when it comes to shipping a car into the United States from Canada. One of the most important questions that we get from people is; “can I pack my personal effects in the car that’s being shipped from Canada to the U.S?”

Can I pack household effects and other goods in a car that’s being shipped to the United States?

This is something that many people wish to do. Perhaps you have found some things cheaper in Canada as opposed to the United States. Let’s face, as human beings, we tend to accumulate a lot of, ahem… junk. And now you are wondering whether or not it’s possible for you to pack all these things into a car that you are having shipped?

No, you cannot pack personal and household effects into a car that’s being shipped into the U.S!

Unfortunately, packing personal and household effects into a car that is being shipped into the United States from Canada is entirely forbidden. Indeed, you cannot stuff things into a car that is being shipped into the United States from anywhere.

What happens if you pack goods into a vehicle being imported to the United States?

Federal regulations govern the importation of vehicles into the United States. Should you break these by packing personal stuff into the car, then you are likely to experience a long and annoying delay in the process. It’s also possible that your vehicle will be refused entry altogether, which would be rather costly.

Any household and personal effects that you have packed into a car that’s being shipped to the United States are likely to be denied entry.

Risk of breakage

Should they have reason to, U.S Customs and Border Protection personnel may decide to inspect the inside of your car. This increases the chances that any precious goods that you may have ferreted in there will either be confiscated or will be broken during the inspection process.

What if I am driving my car across the border?

Okay, the information that we have just given pertains to the use of a company such as us, the US Canada Auto Transport company, to move your vehicle from Canada to the United States. But what happens if you are driving your own vehicle across the border? Are you still not allowed to have personal goods in the car?

The answer is yes, you are allowed to have personal effects in a car when driving across the border yourself. CBP does not have a problem with personal and household effects that are loaded into a vehicle that’s being driven from Canada to the U.S.

Declaring your goods

The one thing that you need to do, however, is make sure that all your goods are declared at the border on a CBP Form 6059. You also need to file an entry with the CBP for you to be able to register your vehicle in your home State. This can be done either at the border or at your nearest CBP office and you will need to pay duty.

Shipping your vehicle into the United States from Canada

If you have any further questions about the above subject, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. At US Canada Auto Transport, we take pride in being one of the best companies as far as vehicle shipments between the two countries are concerned. Our confidence in our ability to deliver stems from the fact that we have had over 30 years experience making dreams come true by moving vehicles between Canada and the United States. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today or use our online tool to get a solid quote for all you automobile shipments!

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