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March 11, 2013
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Should I have a pre purchase inspection done?

Purchasing a vehicle online or sight unseen can be a daunting and intimidating experience. Often times, the photos shown online, reflect a previously buffed vehicle that has been made showroom and camera ready. You can alleviate that pressure by having a certified inspector do a non-biased 150-point bumper-to-bumper inspection, which includes the interior and exterior of the vehicle. These inspectors generally arrive at the location of the vehicle to do a thorough inspection that includes a ten-mile test drive, check for leaks, dents, scratches, rust, blemishes, tears, paint chips, missing parts, tire wear and fluid levels. If a hoist is available, the undercarriage can be inspected. The inspectors take detailed pictures of everything, including mileage, vin # and discrepancies.

Most inspections can be done within 48 hours of receiving the inspection request. Some take a little longer if the vehicle is in a remote location. Once the inspection is completed you should receive a full detailed report that will include pictures by email within 24 hours.

Pre purchase inspection pricing is roughly as follows:
Vehicles younger than 21 years old $195.00
Vehicles older than 21 years, classic or vintage vehicles $295.00
Vehicles in remote locations $295.00

Invest the small extra amount for peace of mind. That way, you know what you will be receiving and you also have recourse in any claims after the fact

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  1. Doreen Thompson says:

    Where to I find a Customs worksheet which I am required to complete to bring my vehicle from the USA into Canada?

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