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Over 25 years of professional vehicle shipping service

About US CANADA Auto TransportEstablished in 1983, US CANADA Auto Transport was founded as a single source for all your car shipping and transport needs from coast-to-coast in the United States to and from all provinces and territories in Canada. Service excellence combined with years of dedication and loyalty, grew our auto transport company into a leading company in the U.S. Canada vehicle shipping market.

We offer a door to door auto transport in both open and enclosed trucks to accommodate your vehicle transportation needs. We can also arrange the transport of your vehicle to bonded warehouses to minimize your customs brokerage costs.

We have a professional and knowledgeable staff that specializes in the transportation of:

We can offer specialized customs information and services on both sides of the US/Canadian border to facilitate the hassle-free auto transportation of your vehicle.

Our professional staff can easily accommodate any vehicle shipping needs regardless of volume. Our customers cover a wide spectrum from Fortune 500 corporations, the Military, Government Organizations, to the private individual.

We specialize in the following types of auto transport scenarios:

- Buying an auto from Canada and shipping it to the USA
US Customs, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation have collective and individual departmental requirements that affect the import of your vehicle into the USA. We specialize in cross border shipping and our friendly and knowledgeable agents can assist you in planning and executing a hassle-free door-to-door service.

- Buying an auto from the USA and shipping it to Canada
Take advantage of favorable exchange rates and purchase a vehicle in the USA. We can assist with the border clearance requirements and ship your new/ used vehicle to your door in Canada with minimal fuss" to " Take advantage of favorable exchange rates and purchase a vehicle in the USA. We can assist with the border clearance requirements and ship your new or used vehicle to your door in Canada with minimal fuss.

- Relocating on study or work visas
Have you been offered new job in the USA or Canada and need to relocate your personal vehicle? We can assist with the cross border shipment. Our agents can complete the temporary import documentation on your behalf.

- Immigration moves
In certain circumstances, new immigrants are entitled to tax breaks on the relocation of their vehicles. Ask our knowledgeable agents for more information.

- Giving autos to friends and relatives as gifts
Receiving a vehicle from a relative or friend as a gift is a great idea. However, Canada and US Customs have requirements that need to be complied with when a donation is made. Ask our knowledgeable agents for assistance in planning and executing your donation.

- Temporary shipment of vehicles into the USA/Canada for repairs or promotions
Temporary import bond are required in certain circumstances. We can assist with these customs requirements.

- Diplomatic Transfers
We can assist with implementation and execution of your tax free status when relocating a diplomatic vehicle.

- Vacations
Spending the winter in California, Arizona or Florida. We can assist in relocating your vehicle.

We also offer the following the services:

Customs Clearance:
We can assist with all your vehicle related customs clearance requirements between the USA and Canada. Dealing with US and Canada Customs can be a minefield and you we recommend the use of qualified experienced agents to clear the border on your behalf. Ask one of our friendly agents for assistance or email us for more information.

Vehicle Inspection: We offer an independent 150 point bumper to bumper inspection, which we highly recommend to all our clients who consider purchasing a vehicle. Please call us today at: (800) 466-6935 or email us for more details.

We here at US CANADA Auto Transport understand how stressful a car move can be, trust us to make your next auto transportation a safe and efficient one. Please feel free to contact us at: (800) 466-6935 or email us for any question or concern you may have about your car or truck shipping needs. Click here to request your free shipping quote online.
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Our services:
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